Shopping Cart Sanitizing

We sanitize and steam clean shopping carts to remove 99.999% of all bacteria from the shopping carts. Did you know shopping carts have more germs than most public restrooms? We sanitize shopping carts in Phoenix.


Playground Sanitizing

We also use 100% bio-degradable enzymes to remove germs, dirt, and debris from the outsides of playground equipment. We keep your children safe and germ free. Call us today for a free playground sanitizing quote.


Bird Waste Removal & Sanitizing

We specialize in bird waste removal in Arizona. Phoenix has one of the worst pigeon and bird waste problems in the Nation and AZ PowerWash Pros is here to remove the bird waste and keep your property clean.


Sanitizing for Schools

We remove gum and debris from schools in Phoenix every year. We also sanitize outdoor seating and benches to ensure your children are safe from germs while learning at school. Call for a free quote!


Patio Furniture Sanitizing

We sanitize and steam clean patio furniture for our residential and commercial clients. Patio furniture needs to be cleaned at least once a year in Phoenix to remove the dirt and debris and enjoy the outdoors.


Mattress Sanitizing

AZ PowerWash Pros has recently moved into mattress sanitizing services. We steam clean mattresses to remove germs, bed bugs, and mites from the insides of your mattress. We make sure you sleep well!



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