Driveway Cleaning

We use 3500psi and 240 degree steaming hot water to steam clean your entire driveway. We can successfully remove tire marks, rust, oil stains, dirt, and debris from your driveway. We specialize in driveway cleaning.

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Garage Cleaning

Does your garage need a good steam cleaning? "Just Call The Pros!" We clean hundreds of residential garages a year. We remove cobb webs, dirt, oil stains, paint stains, and debris. We can completely restore your garage floor.

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House Washing

We use low pressure and friendly detergents to safely clean the exterior of your home. Our house washing techniques will successfully remove all the dirt and debris from the exterior your home. Call today for a quote!

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Roof Cleaning

We are Arizona's roof cleaning company. Whether your roof is full of dirt and debris or bird waste from pigeons we clean roofs in Phoenix on a weekly basis. Don't let your roof be controlled by pigeons! Call for a quote!

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Gutter Cleaning

We clean both the insides and outsides of gutters leaving them spot free and flowing properly. We shoot down all the downspouts so they are working correctly. Whether you have a 1 or 3 story home we clean gutters!

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Window Washing - Window Cleaning

We clean the interior and exterior of windows for our residential clients. We also spray down all the screens and clean the window ledges. We use professional squeegees to squeegee clean all the windows.

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Patio & Patio Furniture Cleaning

We steam clean patios and patio furniture in the Phoenix metro area. We keep your patio clean and sanitized so you can enjoy your outdoor parties and events. We remove dirt, debris, gum, and efflorescence.

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Pool Deck Cleaning

We steam clean the exterior of pool decks without harming your pool or poolside. We use bio-degradable detergents that lift the dirt out of the pool deck to restore your poolside. Sanitize your pool deck today!

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Acid Washing Pools

We acid wash the insides of pools to remove the green mold, moss, and mildew. We work with residential property management companies and home owners who buy foreclosures to restore the insides of pools.

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Paver Cleaning & Sealing

We are Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona's paver cleaning and sealing company. We specialize in residential paver cleaning and sealing for residential driveways and patios. Call for your free paver cleaning quote.

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Residential Pressure Washing Pricing Guildeline

*NOTE: Our Residential Pricing Guideline is only intended for our customers to get a ballpark figure of our pricing per service. There are many factors that play into our pricing and we highly recommend calling in to speak with a member of our staff for a free quote. Every job is different, but no job is too big, or small.

Services Example Scope of Work Hours of Work Price Ranges
Driveway Cleaning 2 Car Driveway 1-2 Hrs $150.00-$250.00
Garage Cleaning 2 Car Garage 1-2 Hrs $100.00-$225.00
House Washing 2500 Sq Ft Home 1-3 Hrs $225.00-$325.00
Roof Cleaning 2500 Sq Ft Home 2-3 Hrs $350.00-$450.00
Pool Deck Cleaning 2000 Sq Ft Pool Deck 1-2 Hrs $150.00-$250.00
Window Cleaning 14 Window Panes 1-3 Hrs $125.00-$300.00


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