Environmental Compliance - Waste Water Recovery

AZ Power Wash Pros is an environmental friendly and EPA compliant pressure washing company. We use only bio-degradable detergents and enzymes.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services and Bio-Degradable Cleaning Products

AZ PowerWash Pros only uses bio-degradable detergents and non-hazordous chemicals. We are one of the few companies in Phoenix, AZ who has implemented the usage of enzymes into its daily cleaning process. Enzymes are unlike chemicals and detergents because enzymes are biocatalysts produced by the cells, which are globular proteins.

AZ PowerWash Pros is dedicated to EPA compliance and storm drain protection in Phoenix, AZ. By law no waste water can run into any storm drains while pressure washing in Phoenix. AZ PowerWash Pros has spent a considerable amount of money on the latest and greatest waste water recovery equipment. We use a Hydrotek AZV-55 to recover all waste water used on our pressure washing jobs. The water is then recycled and filtered down to 5 micons before being re-used. In addition, AZ PowerWash Pros uses sand bags to block all storm drains when pressure washing our properties. We make sure no waste water ever leaks into any storm drains. This guaruntees our customers that they will not be fined by the EPA or city governments. EPA fines can cost companies thousands of dollars. Before hiring a pressure washing company that gets your company fined. "Just Call the Pros!"

AZ PowerWash Pros is proud to say we use cleaning products created by Infinite Green Solutions. We are one of the few companies in Phoenix, AZ that is authorized to clean with these 100% bio-degradable enzymes. San-A-Safe is an EPA registered product that AZ PowerWash Pros uses to sanitize the exterior of properties, playgrounds, and shopping carts on a regular basis. San-A-Safe is EPA Registered 81857-1. We look into the safest green products on the market and spend top-dollar to stay green and EPA compliant. AZ PowerWash Pros isn't going green we have already gone green. We recycle all of our used parts and oil. We recycle all of our paper and trash at our office. We continue to look into the new products and enzymes that are being created everyday. In fact, if there is a new cleaning product that claims to be bio-degradable we have probably tested it. We test all of our products on grass, plants, and trees to make sure we never harm plants or shrubs on your property. When you think "Green" think AZ PowerWash Pros!


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